We’re Still Being Bullied and I’m Scared, Really Scared!

Second guest post by one of our parents, a father who currently shares residency status with the children split between two households. "I’ll admit it. I’m scared." Bullying is defined as someone with power over another using that power to cause them harm. I know that feeling all too well. My former wife abused her … Continue reading We’re Still Being Bullied and I’m Scared, Really Scared!

Parental Alienation; Kings & Queens

I see battling parental alienation very similar to playing a game of chess. They both require strategic moves. Both have an adversarial nature to them and there is no compromise. You either win or you lose. Imagine if you will the Queen representing the targeting parent and the King representing the alienated parent. The Queen is … Continue reading Parental Alienation; Kings & Queens

Family lawyers: they’re not ALL bad. Honest!

[The following is written by an anonymous contributor] I see a lot written by parents about "corrupt" or unscrupulous solicitors and legal professionals. I’m going to try and write something positive for a change. I have never fully added it up but I spent about £50,000 on legal fees. I don’t want to add it … Continue reading Family lawyers: they’re not ALL bad. Honest!

The Parental Alienation Quiz!

[Warning: The following is a parody quiz containing at times a disproportionate amount of sarcasm! No offence to any particular individuals is intended. The aim of this post is to highlight the lack of compassion and care along with the unbelievable amount of incompetence exhibited by numerous professionals that work within a flawed system that … Continue reading The Parental Alienation Quiz!