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Useful Apps for Anxiety and Depression

The following apps have been collated by mental health nurses who form part of our CCA Support Team.

As anyone affected by parental alienation will know, it not only has detrimental effects on the mental health of the affected children. It also has a devastating effect on the targeted parents, step-parents and grandparents.

Some people may find the following apps useful in managing their anxiety and depression.

Please note CCA Support has no financial incentive to promote the following apps. We are simply highlighting apps that people may find helpful.

CBT Keeper


Compatible with: Android

Useful for: Anxiety and depression

About this app: CBT keeper uses simple steps through the principles of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), with the aim of overcoming anxiety and depression. It allows users to explore their mood using some of the standardised measuring tools used by mental health professionals, including the Patient Health Questionnaire (PH-9) and the Generalised Anxiety Disorder 7-item scale (GAD-7).

Offers daily reminders and sets goals. Provides game-like elements, to keep users motivated, meaning it may appeal to young adults. Personal information stays stored in the user’s phone.

Useful features: Daily reminders, support dealing with difficult feelings and symptoms, daily tracker, information on depression and anxiety.

Cons: Although this is free, a version without adverts will cost £1.27. This app will also not work on any Apple devices.

Download: CBT Keeper can be downloaded here.

Cognitive Diary Self Help


Compatible with: Android

Useful for: Anxiety and depression

About this app: Cognitive diary allows users to record their thoughts easily with the option to edit and review entries. The app also includes self-help techniques drawn from CBT to help users identify negative thinking patterns in their diary entries and how to challenge irrational thinking.

Useful features: Users can set positive statements to pop up randomly on their screen throughout the day as well as reminders to write a diary entry every day. Users can also customise the app, changing the colours and appearance, making it more personal and appealing. This app also has an option to password protect, meaning extra privacy for people who may have a phone they allow others access to.

Cons: Cognitive Diary Self-Help includes some adverts and doesn’t have an to pay for an upgraded, advert free version. This app will also not work on Apple products

Download:  Cognitive Diary Self-Help can be downloaded here.

Mood Meter


Compatible with: Android and iOS

Useful for: Anxiety and depression

About this app: This app aims to help users build emotional intelligence and build self-awareness. Users can check-in regularly with their feelings and use reminders to check-in throughout the day.

Useful features: Tips and help with expanding your emotional vocabulary and emotional understanding.

Download:  Mood Meter can be downloaded here.

Mindfulness Coach


Compatible with: Android and iOS

Useful for: PTSD, anxiety and depression

About this app: This app was developed to help Veterans, Service members and others to learn how to practice mindfulness. It offers exercises, information and a tracking log so that you can optimise your practice. This app emphasises practising mindfulness for those who experience PTSD; meaning that it can be used by anyone who has suffered a trauma or distressing incident.  

Useful features: Education about the benefits of mindfulness, exercises to practise with guidance or alone, strategies to help overcome challenges to mindfulness practice. There is also the ability to track progress, reminders to support mindfulness practice.

Cons: This app focuses on the importance of mindfulness for PTSD, and although it may still be helpful for someone who does not experience PTSD, this may be off-putting.

Download:  Mindfulness Coach can be downloaded here for iOS and here for Android.

Anxiety Free


Compatible with: iOS

Useful for: Anxiety

About this app: The aim of this app is to help people meditate and use self-hypnosis as a way of dealing and coping with anxiety before it becomes overwhelming.

Useful features: Guided lessons lasting 90 minutes.

Cons: Some people may not find meditation and self-hypnosis an effective or useful way to manage anxiety. Also, some may find the guided lessons too long. This app may be more useful for people who have used hypnosis before and found it useful.

Download:  Anxiety Free can be downloaded here.



Compatible with: Android and iOS

Useful for: Anxiety and depression

About this app: Headspace describes itself as a personal trainer for the mind, teaching users how to meditate using a range of techniques and recourses. The app also includes ten minute long activities to complete daily to encourage healthier ways of thinking.

Useful features: Benefits of this app are reported to be increased focus, improved sleep and less stress with guided meditation.

Download:  Headspace can be downloaded here.



Compatible with: iOS

Useful for: Anxiety and depression

About this app: HelloMind uses relaxation techniques and hypnotherapy to help users with low self-esteem, stress, fear, bad sleep and unhealthy habits. Users can select which areas they wish to focus on and work through with this easy to use app.

Useful features: Features a ‘quick fix’ for relief from a craving, stress or panic, providing five minutes of relaxation.

Cons: Although HelloMind is free, it can be upgraded for a price of £8.99. It will also only work on Apple products.

Download:  HelloMind can be downloaded here.

The Worry Box


Compatible with: Android

Useful for: Anxiety

About this app: The Worry Box helps users identify if a worry is important or not and whether it is within their control. When using the app, you will learn how to identify irrational thoughts when faced with stress and anxiety. You are also coached through exercises aimed at learning to decrease negative learning and ‘let go’ of worries.

Useful features: The app can be personalised to change colour etc. Also includes an option of a list of encouraging and inspiring quotes that appear on the user’s screen daily. This app also has a setting for people with visual impairments.

Download: The Worry Box can be downloaded here.

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