Court Application Forms


A C100 is required to apply for a child arrangements order, prohibited steps order, specific issue order or to vary or discharge or ask permission to make a Section 8 order. All of the above are under Section 8 of the Children Act 1989.

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A C4 form is required to request an order for the disclosure of a child’s whereabouts.

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A C79 is required to either apply for an order related to the enforcement of a child arrangements order or to set aside or change an existing enforcement order.

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This is a guide for separated parents. This guide is for those parents who are thinking about coming to family court or are already involved in a court case.

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Regarding further information about the above forms and further proceedings we may be able to help you. If we are unable to we will signpost you to professionals within our wider network who operate in line with our core principles. 

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