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This page is for alienated parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings in fact anyone who is alienated from a child. You can anonymise your message slightly or completely if you choose.

To submit a message simply use our contact form here. We will then post your message below.

The key aims of this initiative are:

  • To provide a place for those of us who are alienated from our children and unlawfully denied communication with them by the resident parent, to write messages of love and reassurance.
  • To build, as tragic as it sounds, a long list of names that we will hopefully be able to use as evidence to illustrate the number of people affected by parental alienation.
  • To illustrate the similar tactics employed by the alienating parent and significant issues this behaviour causes.
  •  To help those being abused by the behaviour of the alienator appreciate that they are certainly not alone.


The Peace Not Pas Team


Message 1.

Oh why, oh why it makes me scream to the sky

I wonder what you’re doing

and how you’re living life

what new things did you learn today

and how did you sleep last night

did you feel raindrops on your face

or sunshine in your eye

of all the questions left unknown

the biggest one is why

why can’t we be together

why can’t I watch you grow

why can’t I guide you through this world

this I just don’t know

but I promise we’ll be together

no matter how long it seems

just know you’re always in my

heart and always in my dreams.

Love Daddy.

Message 2.

To my three beautiful children,

I think of you every single day

I love you all so so much

Lots of love Daddy

Message 3.

To our three precious Grandchildren. Two long years without you in our lives. We miss your hugs and your beautiful faces. We hope you know how much Nanny and Grandad love you xxxxxxxx

Message 4.

Happy Easter girls.

From when you were tiny babies this always used to be our special time of year, beach egg hunts and fabulous times in the surf or chasing the blue moon gypsies along coastal roads.

It would still be that way if it were down to me and it can be again.

For now I can only hope that you’re “allowed” the goodies I’ve sent.

Always on my mind and forever in my heart.

Love you.

See you soon.

Daddy XX

Message 5.

JMo, there are many sides to every story. Someday we hope you can hear ALL of your stories. You are loved.

Message 6.

Our hearts are heavy with the love we haven’t been able to share with you since your mother just decided to ignore the feelings of everyone else and take you hostage.

We all miss you SO MUCH.


Message 7.

Happy Birthday to my amazing Son, hope your day is filled with fun and happiness. There’s not a day goes by I don’t think of you.

Lots of Love Mum xxx

Message 8.

Not a day goes by in the past 4 years that I don’t think of all 3 of you.

Miss you so much and hope one day we will see each other again.

Love mum xxx

Message 9.

Dearest Erin & Michael,

It’s been 3 years since your mother blocked all contact with us.

We love you both so much and think and talk about you all the time.

We wonder what you are doing, what your voices sound like, what games you love to play.

How wonderful it would be to hug you again.

Our hearts cry out for contact with you.

All our love for ever.

Grandpa & Granny xx

Message 10.

To our granddaughter,

All your family love and miss you, it’s almost six years since we saw you. We fought for 3 years in the family court for a relationship with you, sadly you were turned against us within a matter of weeks.

One day, we hope to see you again, never forget we love you and always will.

Nanny and Grampsie

To submit a message simply use our contact form here. We will then post your message above.

The Peace Not Pas Team