Feminism vs. Toxic Masculinity

A battle that doesn’t need to be fought Toxic masculinity is now a familiar term to many. Language is flexible but manipulative. As such, this term has come to mean different things to different people. I am not advocating for a draconian law with Orwellian thought police. My issue is when these differing opinions are ill-informed — … Continue reading Feminism vs. Toxic Masculinity

Is ‘Parental Alienation’ the New ‘Mental Health?’

What I mean by the above title is that twenty or so years ago mental health was simply not discussed in the public domain the way it is now. Be it via television reports, shows, documentaries or social media, mental health is now discussed and reported on across numerous mediums in a much more positive … Continue reading Is ‘Parental Alienation’ the New ‘Mental Health?’

Discrimination, Equality and Parental Alienation

By definition, with the obvious exception of misogynistic, sexist bigots, we should all be feminists. I consider myself a feminist, why wouldn't I? The definition of feminism is plain and simple; the advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. With the above in mind, there is absolutely no excuse for … Continue reading Discrimination, Equality and Parental Alienation