Feminism vs. Toxic Masculinity

A battle that doesn’t need to be fought Toxic masculinity is now a familiar term to many. Language is flexible but manipulative. As such, this term has come to mean different things to different people. I am not advocating for a draconian law with Orwellian thought police. My issue is when these differing opinions are ill-informed — … Continue reading Feminism vs. Toxic Masculinity

It’s Hard to Give Up the Pursuit of Justice

But sometimes it’s about surviving At its height, the organisation I co-founded was international. We had a head office in London and a satellite office in Ontario, Canada. Via our social media outlets, we had an international reach to millions. We had a radio station, a helpline, a support group and a healthy number of … Continue reading It’s Hard to Give Up the Pursuit of Justice

Parental Alienation & the Three Wise Monkeys

I was inspired to write this article following my own reading of Dr Childress' latest blog entitled The Door of Empathy. In this article of his, Childress explores the behaviour that an alienated child expresses when required simply to survive. In further understanding this, the targeted parent is more able to understand the importance of … Continue reading Parental Alienation & the Three Wise Monkeys

A Simple Ethical Question!

[The following is an anonymised experience contributed by an alienated parent. This yet again highlights the flawed system that is the Family Justice System.]  Approximately a week ago I emailed the Senior Service Manager of my regional Cafcass Office. I asked him three or four questions by email. By far the simplest question I asked … Continue reading A Simple Ethical Question!