‘The Living Dead’, by David Shubert

I am incredibly proud to be involved with the organisation I Was Erased. This U.S. based group is the brainchild of David Shubert, who is a parent continuing to fight what is now a nine and a half year battle to be reunited with his children.

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The organisation’s aim is to provide and share support and resources for alienated and left behind parents. Their website can be found at www.iwaserased.com

David regularly writes what he refers to as ‘reflections’ and posts these online. The following is David’s latest reflection, entitled ‘The Living Dead’. This particular piece brought home to me what it is to be an alienated parent.

David has kindly given me permission to post his reflection on here:

The Living Dead

The very breath we breathe is sucked out of us.  We walk around like zombies.  The smile we once had is no longer visible and peace is forever gone.  This is what it is like for a parent who has been alienated from their children.  We simply cease to function on a normal basis. On the outside, we are just like you but on the inside we scream in terror and hold onto dysfunctional behavior.

Most people who know us do not understand what we are going through.  They only see what they want to see.  They will never understand what it is like to lose their child because of the vindictive actions of an alienating spouse or the erroneous decisions of a family court judge.  They think we embellish our situation and should be able to move on but, how can we?

There are many parents and our children who have chosen to lose the battle of alienation because the pain is too great and are unable to continue fighting for what they desire.  It is unfortunate when this occurs because their pain may end in the physical and emotional sense but, they leave it behind for those still on this earth who once loved them.

For myself, I have known three parents who have chosen to end their pain and suffering in the most dreadful manner caused by alienation.  It leaves a hole in my heart that can never be filled.  For family members, it must be even more devastating.  I can only say that you must hold on and believe that tomorrow will be better.

It is imperative that each of you take care to safeguard your mental and emotional health because you need to be here for the time when your children awaken from their slumber and realize they need you.  If, you choose to make the ultimate decision to end your pain… you are wrong and you are selfish.  Pick yourself up and make the conscious decision to fight back against the dark powers.

There is a way to do this and that is through the power of self-healing.  Step back from the fight. Concentrate on yourself and do something that promotes a different emotional environment for yourself.  I understand how difficult this may be and how you may feel that you are giving up on your child through this process but, if you are damaged then you are no good to yourself nor your child.

Take time to heal.  Go on that long awaited vacation.  Go fishing.  Camping with a friend?  How about taking a dancing class?  Counseling?  Whatever you need to do make sure that you fulfil your bucket list and come back a more complete person.  After all, you’re worth it and so are your children.  They need to have you back in their lives and not an emotional wreck.  They need you as you once were.

Ultimately, the choice is yours to make.  You can either choose to live in silence and emotional fear as well as heartache, or you can make the conscious decision to rise above  and heal yourself.  Don’t be selfish in your actions.  Consider who you are doing this for and that is your children.  They deserve to have a super-mom or super-dad in their corner fighting for them.

Heal yourself from within and regain your life, your smile and your children.  We all have this drive and fight inside us, we just have to reach down deep to find it.  We do not have to be the living dead.  We can instead be the living parents again!

By David Shubert

The original post can be found here.

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8 thoughts on “‘The Living Dead’, by David Shubert

  1. Reblogged this on LOST DAD and commented:
    Incredibly emotional post that really sums up the feelings I and others like me have every.single.day.


  2. I feel this way too. It is a constant struggle to not give up, especially as an alienated mom, because people assume if you lost your kids you must have been a terrible mother. I was a good mother who had a abusive psycopathuc ex who lied maliciously about me and the court fell for his tactics bc they are clueless about domestic abuse and parental alienation. And sometimes they just don’t want to deal with it so they make a hasty, uninfomd decision.
    I know this is a site for dads, but it happened to me and it us happening to more women now because the courts want to appear politically correct, and a supporter of equal rights. The court and CPS are currupt, uninformed and totally unwilling to admit when they have made a mistake. They enable alienators and hurt children.
    I haven’t seen my children in three years. It is the worst pain in the world.
    I’m trying not to be the walking dead. I do want to be who I once was. It is so hard. But you are right. They need me to be my old self, for when I see them eventually. And the children I have still in my care( who are not his), need me also.


    1. Brandi, the only thing I will correct you on is that this is definitely not a site for dads only. This is simply a way of me coping and raising awareness of and discussing parental alienation. I am not passionate about Parental Alienation, for obvious reasons, but I am also passionate about us not falling into the trap of gender bashing which does our ’cause’ no favours and is completely wrong. As an alienated parent I share your pain and my heart goes out to you.


  3. Glad to see people are standing up and fighting the corrupt system. I have 3 of the most beautiful daughters in the world and can’t see them because the mother is using parental alienation against me. Unfortunately she is putting her own spite over the children’s well being. Very proud of the people that keep fighting for their kids. I am going on 3 and 1/2 years and have spent around $90000 with almost no headway. Some days are worse than others but it just keeps cutting at your heart. Any parent that keeps fighting I have the upmost respect for.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your kind words of support. I too have the upmost respect for those parents that continue the fight and try to confront and change these corrupt systems that enable and exacerbate parental alienation. I believe any form of promoting awareness of Parental Alienation is worth doing. Thank you my friend, take care of yourself.


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