What Running out of Psychotropic Meds Taught Me About Life


It also made me emotionally constipated. I didn't give a shit for days I’m an individual of extremes. I’m a psychiatric nurse, living with clinical depression. I’m a father of three beautiful children. But I no longer have a relationship with them. I’ve been a victim of domestic abuse, but I am a man. I co-founded an international … Continue reading What Running out of Psychotropic Meds Taught Me About Life

Parental Alienation; Thor, My Very Own Super-Hero

Let me tell you about one of my best friends. His name is Thor. He is a medium sized mostly black-furred dog. Despite Thor’s extreme mistreatment in a kill-station in Romania prior to being rescued, he has a kind, docile and loving temperant. He has become an integral part of my life. Thor came to … Continue reading Parental Alienation; Thor, My Very Own Super-Hero

Parental Alienation & the Three Wise Monkeys

I was inspired to write this article following my own reading of Dr Childress' latest blog entitled The Door of Empathy. In this article of his, Childress explores the behaviour that an alienated child expresses when required simply to survive. In further understanding this, the targeted parent is more able to understand the importance of … Continue reading Parental Alienation & the Three Wise Monkeys

A Simple Ethical Question!

[The following is an anonymised experience contributed by an alienated parent. This yet again highlights the flawed system that is the Family Justice System.]  Approximately a week ago I emailed the Senior Service Manager of my regional Cafcass Office. I asked him three or four questions by email. By far the simplest question I asked … Continue reading A Simple Ethical Question!

New call for openness in family law

Louise Tickle’s second blogpost of her Open Family Court project. Thanks Louise for raising awareness of the issues that are caused by an overly private Family.

The open family court

It’s over a month since I published my first Open Family Court blogpost, so this is an opportunity for me to say a huge thank you to everyone who emailed in response saying you’d like to hear more and get involved.

A quick recap on the purpose of this project as I expressed it in that blog:

“[It’s planned] as a collaborative exploration of how to recalibrate the balance between privacy in family courts – which exists for the very good reason of protecting vulnerable children – and freedom of expression, which allows people to speak out publicly about what the state has done to them, a right currently hobbled by the Administration of Justice Act 1960.”

Reasons for being open

Interestingly, just last week, The Guardian published an editorial advocating greater openness in the family court.

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 11.43.18

The paper’s leader writer set the need for greater transparency and scrutiny squarely…

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Parental Alienation; is change on the horizon?

Regarding the raising of awareness of parental alienation I believe change is on the horizon. I am not naive enough to believe it will happen overnight. However, very much like the general public's past lack of understanding of mental health, parental alienation is now starting on that same journey. Last week parental alienation was reported … Continue reading Parental Alienation; is change on the horizon?