It Takes Two People to Make a Lie Work

When my husband and I sit and think about our grandchildren which can be any  given moment of any day or night, it breaks our hearts.

It is now two years since we have seen or spoken to them. And if that is not hard enough it is the pain the lies have caused to them and to us. Such lies that have been told about us by our ex-daughter in law to our precious grandchildren. Their very own mother told them that we, their loving grandparents had emptied their mother’s bank account and had  ‘taken’ all their money.

People may think that it is unbelievable that a parent would tell their very own children such lies. But this is the evil and vindictive nature of parental alienation. These lies were used by the children’s mother to turn the children against us both, their loving grandparents. The same grandparents who, just two years ago the children loved so much and spent so much time with. As grandparents, not only is their mother attempting to erase us from their lives, but she is also attempting to erase their loving father from their lives too.

Knowing that the children currently hold that false belief of us tears us both apart inside. Ultimately their mother is attempting to destroy the love they shared with us. Such unconditional love was  demonstrated on the last day we saw them two years ago. On that day we went to the house on our grandson’s birthday. We wanted to give him his present. We then asked him for a hug. However to our utter dismay he refused to hug either of us. At this point he looked at his mother. She stood there visibly beaming with contempt and satisfaction that she had hurt us all so much.

That day and our grandson’s sad face, will never leave us. Was it done in revenge? If so, what was she seeking revenge for? Did she act this way because of  her marriage breakdown? Was it because of her anger and hatred for the children’s father? Or has she had some kind of mental break down? Does she need specialist help?

I have asked myself these questions over and over again. Does she not even care how many lives she is destroying?

“It takes two people to make a lie work: the person who tells it, and the one who believes it.” Jodi Picoult, Vanishing Acts.

2 thoughts on “It Takes Two People to Make a Lie Work

  1. The people who perpetrate this evil are full of excuses in a desperate attempt to cover up for their vile abuse and bullying behaviour “he did this” or “he won’t do that” etc etc. Most people just switch off and tolerate them and thank their lucky stars it isn’t happening to them. But stories like this first-hand account prove just how pitiful these alienators are. For they patently have no regard for anyone other than themselves, nobody. A couple may fall out but why persist with the acrimony? Obviously because there i something wrong with you! A couple may fall out but why then alienate the children’s grand parents and extended family? What possible excuse could you have other than “THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU”! Yet these people are left alone with our children with no acknowledgement that they have a very serious problem and no support to address the problem. It is terrifying for parents and grandparents alike, the stuff of waking nightmares and endless misery! Imagine what it is like for the children living with these disturbed people! Imagine!! They are going to be tormented and tortured by them for years…..

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