So I’ve Been Asked, What is Parental Alienation?

So I’ve been asked, what is parental alienation?… Simple… It is my ex stopping me from being a parent.

What does she stop me doing? Everything a normal loving parent does. I’m excluded from nursery, I can’t pick my son up from there. And I’m accused of being convicted of crimes falsely when I attend parents evening.

Parental alienation isn’t a syndrome… it’s an action, a choice and ultimately one parent saying “I’m superior to you.”

I have no awareness of his medical records, she thinks its acceptable for me to pay to get these, as I hold parental responsibility… Thank you very much for that.

I know nothing about his life other than the 52 days a year I see him.

Parental alienation isn’t a syndrome… it’s an action, a choice and ultimately one parent saying “I’m superior to you.”

I’m at a loss as to how to stop it; courts ignore it and the ex refuses to engage with mediation.

The current set up of courts and family law makes this acceptable for the resident parent to alienate the non-resident parent (statistics inform us that alienators are mostly resident mothers here in the UK). There are some resident parents who don’t misuse the system, but with the CMS (Child Maintenance Service) taking around 14% of my gross salary, the courts ignoring the issue and my ex’s refusal to engage in mediation… I feel it is portrayed as she is right and I am wrong.

All I want is fair contact, awareness of my son’s life and ultimately him to see me as a parent.

I would like to give you one final example of the kind of tactics an alienating parent uses. My son has got a birthday party coming up. But according to my ex, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) stops her confirming names of his friends to invite.  This is not an action against him but me. As she doesn’t want other parents to see the real me… A great dad to my son.

A belated show of support for all the alienated dads out there that had to endure Father’s Day. And well done to all the mothers out there that promote equal parenting.


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