How to Live a Purposeful Life While the World Goes Down the Toilet

The importance of being kind in a world full of idiots

In this technological age, we’ve never had so much access to news, pictures of peoples dinners and cat videos.

However, our leaders are idiots. And the world is full of chaos.

The Internet gives us a front-row seat to view the car-crash-reality TV show the world has now become. But this show is not interactive. Unlike other reality TV shows, we can’t vote people out. Only the rich and powerful are permitted to do that.

Can we save the world? Basically, no we can’t. If you think you can save the world, you’re a fool.

But each of us can make a small difference to ourselves and those around us.

Help others, not just yourself

Find others that are less fortunate than you. And help them. This serves two purposes.

First of all, it will benefit those you are helping. Secondly, you will feel grateful for what you have in your life.

Kindness costs nothing. Yesterday I gave my friend a lift to his premature ejaculation support group. Unfortunately, it was today. But he was still grateful that I came with him.

See the good in others

If you have to look too hard for the good in someone, move on. There are many kind people in the world. But they get lost amongst all the chaos.

Some people are just unkind. Like the man in the wheelchair that stole my camouflage jacket. You can hide, but you can’t run.

Surround yourself with positive people

We all know that surrounding ourselves with positive people is good for us. But we are not very good at doing this. Idiots get in the way.

Limit the negativity around you. Now, I’m not advising you go and live on a mountain, in a permanent state of digital-detoxification. Just make some positive changes in your life.

I recently quit my job at the helium balloon factory. I’m not being spoken to in that tone of voice.


Laugh at life’s adversities. Stick a proverbial middle finger up at the shit stuff in your life.

Laugh at yourself. And let those you love, laugh with you.

Originally published in Medium publication ‘The Haven‘ 11/09/19.

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