What’s The Swipe?

Here’s something to swipe that smile off your face

Am I preoccupied with my Medium stats? Am I obsessed with retaining my Top Writer status? Fuck, no! I haven’t got time for that shit. I’m normally up to my eyeballs with stuff that I’m either attempting to put off doing, or not doing at all.

So, why did I create my own publication? Regardless of whether we are profiteers, promoters of social change or purveyors of personal essays, we all want to reach out to others. Thank you to Robert Turner for sharing his story.

I’ve always put off starting my own pub because I couldn’t be bothered. But Robert spells it out nicely.

What should you expect from The Swipe?

I’m fascinated by social phenomenons such as counterculture, critical mass and the curation of stories on Medium. I write satire because it’s different from all other literary genres. Satire may be the most lowly regarded literary genre, but no other genre has influenced social change as much as satire has. My aim is to take satirical swipes at institutions, systems or people in positions of power that should know better. Now, I accept my stories give the impression I have a Fear and Loathing of all things government, law, and even Medium but rest assured, it’s a healthy level of fear and loathing. This may all sound like a potential minefield, particularly in this age of political correctness, but don’t worry, I’m the one writing this shit.

So, when reading The Swipe, just remember that the socially constructed definition of life extends beyond the ideology of our post-modern society. Basically, if you don’t get the satire, read between the lines. If you still don’t get it, search ‘define satire’, and, if you still don’t get it, consider what Dylan once said, “don’t criticise what you can’t understand.” To be honest, I hate that quote. What does he even mean?

Welcome to The Swipe, snippets of satirical observations on life. We all have the potential to be real influencers. Let’s not sell ourselves short.

Originally published in Medium publication The Swipe, 18th January 2020.

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