Will There Be Political Correctness in Heaven?

I’d like to come back as a 1970s vacuum cleaner, that way I’ll only be pushed around by women

Political correctness has undeniably changed the parameters from which we collectively view the world around us. But, in our quest to seek out political incorrectness, could we be missing out on the fun stuff because we’re too busy looking for the unfunny stuff? Like watching Snoop Dogg look for something at the art store, for chisels. Take the following paragraph for example:

Racist jokes aren’t funny. Jokes about hungry women aren’t funny if you have to explain the term ‘faminism’. Knock-knock jokes aren’t funny if they don’t ring a bell. Jokes about chocolate aren’t funny if they only make you snicker. Jokes about people objecting to me asking them for money in exchange for politically incorrect opinions aren’t funny, especially as I beg to differ. Sexist jokes aren’t funny.

Is political correctness stifling us, instead of simply prompting us to respect people? Sorry, I meant people of respect. Don’t get me wrong, political correctness forces us to think before we speak. In a world of chaos, populated by idiots, that’s not a bad thing. Imagine if you will, how kinder, more compassionate the world would be if every single last one of us, simply thought before we spoke. But, we are where we are, and we now find ourselves in the unchartered territory of political correctness.

As a society, we are collectively fumbling in the dark. Arms outstretched, but fearful of innocently bumping into one another, for fear of how it might look to others when the lights come on.

Together we must continue to strive for social justice, equality and the like. But we must also find the fortitude to challenge concepts such as political correctness when sensitivity is prioritised over truth.

So, will there be political correctness in heaven? How the hell should I know!

Two Irishmen walk into a bar
You would have thought the second one would’ve seen it

Originally published in Medium publication The Swipe, 4th February 2020.

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